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Islamiah Institute of Technology was established by the Islamic Mission of India (Regd.) in 1979. with a mission of providing excellent technical Education.

The Institute has a vast campus (32.5 Acres) located in a picturesque locale in Bangalore.

Islamic Mission of India is registered under Karnataka societies Reg. Act 1960.

Objective of the Institution:

Our aim is to hone the skills of the budding engineers with finer aspects of Science that make them to understand, exploit and innovate, thus contributing to the technological advancement of  tomorrow.   

  Basic Academic Philosophy of the Institution

The college has well defined vision and mission and all the activities of the institution are aimed to achieve that vision and mission.


To create a Center of Excellence that is well equipped for training and research with state-of- the- art facilities.


To train human resources to be competent to catch up with the rapidly changing technology. Our Mission is also to become a knowledge centre in the globalized world of equal opportunities.


  Future Plans
  Planning to conduct National level conferences / seminars  
  To sign MOU with   different industries  
  Motivation to pursue higher education for the faculties & students  
  Motivation to take up Research Oriented Project Works  



Islamic Mission of India(Society) Members - Management Committee
1. Mr.Saleem Ahmed   Vice President
2. Mr.Naseer Ahmed Secretary
3. Mr.Mir Asgar Ali Joint Secretary
4. Mr.Khader Mohiuddin  Treasurer
5. Mr.Aga Sultan Member
6. Mr.Riyaz Ahmed Member
7. Mr.Abu Ayub Khan Member
8. Mr.Sheikh Ismail Member
9. Mr.Amanulla khan Member
10. Mr.S N H Razvi Member
11. Dr.Iqbal Ahmed Member
12. Mr.C K Naik Wadi Member
13. Mr.Attar Syed Mujtaba Hussain Member
14. Mr. N A Jameel Member
15. Mr.Sadathulla Khan Member
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